My Favorite Bloggers

Here you will find a collection of the blogs I frequent. Have fun checking them out. You can go to each blog/site by clicking the highlighted VISIT at the end of each description.

Turning The Pages Of Life - Obviously this is my blog, so that makes it my ultimate favorite. LOL! Just including it on this list in case you missed it before you got here. VISIT 

A Lifestyle Woodworker - A great site and blog all about woodworking that is full of wonderful content. VISIT

A Word In Edgewise - This is my brother's blog. Although I think mom and dad should have brought home some other kid from the hospital all those years ago, he's actually a pretty good dude and a great writer. VISIT

Comedy Plus - A interesting blog that features fun activities on a regular basis. This one has been on my favorites list for a good number of years. VISIT

Goodnightgram's Blog - A blog from Minnesota featuring daily life stories and crafting. VISIT

Mountain Musings - A daily life blog coming to you from the mountains of North Carolina. Stop by and meet the family. VISIT

Mr. Cruiser's Notes - A humorous blog with memes and jokes that is bound to tickle your funny bone. VISIT 

Sweet Tea and Cornbread - A blog feature how to recipes for some of the yummiest stuff on the planet. VISIT

Ozark Grace - A blog coming to you from the every day lifestyle of rural living. VISIT

Romping and Rolling in the Rockies - A blog featuring critter life coming to you from the Rocky Mountains. VISIT

Simple Living In Nancy - Coming to you from Thailand this blog features great pictures of the area and lots of yummy food ideas. VISIT

The Cranky Old Man - A blog featuring stories of every day life that is both funny at times and extremely well written. VISIT

Far Side of Fifty - A blog about family life in Minnesota with interesting posts and great pictures. VISIT