Although not many, I do have a few musical things I've done uploaded. For those who might be interested here they are for your listening pleasure.


#1: Here is a song from a CD we recorded when my wife and I were in a band called Whistlestop. I'm singing the lead and playing mandolin, and my wife is playing the bass.

Molly Rose


#2:  This is a video of a song called All Aboard that we played at the Prospect Bluegrass Festival while in a band called The Klamath River Ramblers.

All Aboard


#3: Here is one I recorded myself. In this I play the guitar, mandolin, bass and sing the lead. In other words it's all me.

Hobo's Lullaby


#4: Here's another one I recorded and did all the parts called Fifty Miles of Elbow Room

Fifty Miles of Elbow Room


#5: Here's a Karoke song I recorded. I used to sing this in the car all the time and the girls loved it.


Amos Moses


#6: And one more Karoke song I recorded. A good old Marshall Tucker Band tune.

Heard it in a Love Song