Short Update

Was talking this morning about the "good old days" with an old blogging friend and got inspired to post again. I always liked blogging better than Facebook, but FB just became convenient. Well maybe it's time for that to change, so here we are. Not going to put much down today, just going to say I'll be spending more time here now. Might be nice to return to the land where people have more than a three second attention span.

I did change my header picture. That is the morning view from our new house in Montana. I think I'll start by posting some building pictures in the next day or so. We're very close to completion now. Stay tuned.

1 thought on “Short Update”

  1. Good morning Gene! Glad I found your link again…I tried to find where I could follow you so I could get notification when you post…but alas it alludes me. Take care of yourself and your sweetie and I look forward to reading/seeing more about your life in Montana!!! Blessings.

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