A New House

I have been through a lot of things before that I thought were frustrating, but this trying to design a house to build thing is off the hook. Trying to come up with something both my wife and I can agree on has been interesting that’s for sure, but I think we are finally close to finding what we’ve been searching for.
So many things to consider when designing a place. How many bedrooms? How many bathrooms? How big should the kitchen be? Should the quilt room be 75% of the total square footage of the house or can she get by with only 65%? OK, that last one isn’t really a serious consideration but yes, there will be a big quilting/sewing room. And this folks is only trying to decide WHAT to build…we haven’t even gotten into finishes, flooring, cabinet styles, blah, blah, blah. I’m kind of glad that the only thing being built this summer will be the foundation: at least we’ll have a year to decide what it’s going to look like on the inside.
We have come up with nearly a zillion different designs, many of which were really cool, but maybe not so practical. Yesterday we dug out one of the first designs and gave it another look, started tweaking it here and there, and now have something we are both thinking will be just what we want. You ladies will be happy to know that the biggest room in the house will be the quilting/sewing room. That, believe it or not, has been my biggest priority. My wife has put up with my crap for 38 years and it’s time for some payback, therefore every design that has been discussed has had that big room. In fact, with the current design if later in life someone wanted to, they could easily turn that room into a large bedroom and put in a nice bathroom.
Another “must have” item is the large covered front porch that looks straight out at the Madison Mountains. We have an unobstructed view of those and we WILL be taking advantage of that. The design we have now gives us a 40 ft wide by 20 foot deep covered porch. You know what that means? It means plenty of room for picking bluegrass music and bar-b-qing dead animals. Our desire is to enclose that porch with functional window filled walls in order to make it usable year round without ruining the view.
Once we get things all kinda finalized I’ll get some pictures of the design and stick them up.

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  1. I approve. I love that porch the very best and yes if you can enclose it in the winter months you’ll enjoy it year around. Wow. I want one too.

    Have a fabulous day and week. 🙂

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