The Montana House

The journey of life leads you in many directions. Where you thought you would be forever often fades into the mist and new paths must be chosen. Such has been our story over the last few years.

When we moved to the small northern California town of Yreka I thought we'd be there forever. We made friends, it had all the hunting and fishing I wanted, it was a great place to raise a family...and it was, for many years. And then the pot growers moved in and everything started going downhill. So, we started looking around and first went to South Dakota, which I absolutely loved, but it was decided it was too far from kids so we pointed toward SW Montana where we had been spending our summers and we stared building a house.

We're not quit done with that project, and I haven't been around here to post much on it, so this morning I installed a photo gallery tool on the site and put this together. This is kind of an experiment, so bare with me if it doesn't end up perfect, but if you start on the picture showing just dirt you should be able to advance through the construction to where it stands today.

I'll update this gallery as time goes on, but for now please enjoy your walk through our new house.




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