Born in Montana

Where has time gone? So many things have been happening that it’s been hard to keep up, even when I’m the one who is living it. Our winter is Oregon and California is quickly coming to a close, and our new life in Montana is rapidly taking shape.

You probably know that 4 years ago we escaped California and began a search for a new home. We first settled in South Dakota, which we liked, but the thought of a 3 day drive to visit any one of our daughters was just not very appealing to my wife, so we began to look elsewhere. 3 ½ years ago we rolled our fifth wheel into a space at the Ennis RV Village in Ennis, Montana and started exploring there. The RV never moved. We made many friends there, caught a LOT of fish, and had a LOT of fun over the next 3 summers. We bought 5 ½ acres of land with the original intention of building a summer home and splitting time between South Dakota and Montana, but, 2 years ago, as we left Ennis at the end of the summer, out of the blue we got a call asking if we wanted to sell our house. We made an arrangement and 6 months later the deal was done. Last summer we hired a local contractor to build a new house for us, one that we designed, and a project was born. In September they put in the foundation, in October the power company ran electricity onto the property, and last week our contractor started the actual nail pounding end of the deal.

Our project is now full speed ahead and we are hoping the weather holds over the next couple weeks so the concrete crew can get in and finish pouring the slabs for the front porch, the mud room, and the garage/shop. For now the floor system is in place and the walls are going up. Once the concrete is finished the entire shell will go up quickly. Once that is done I can get in and start doing the finish work on the inside. Ah yes, it’s going to be a busy summer for sure.


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  1. Love you guys dream. We are doing something very similar in the Ennis area, relocating from Oklahoma. Would love to ask a few questions about your project. Is there a way I can PM you?

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