Gone Fishing

Well, it's definitely been awhile since I posted anything, so here goes.

My summer was too short. Yep, that pretty much sums it up. I worked into June and then we headed to Montana. Was there until late September, then we headed out to spend the winter in Oregon. Although it was short we did manage to get a bunch done this year that will lead to a long term home situation in Montana starting next spring. On that front we got the foundation installed on our Montana property and I got word yesterday that the power meter base was installed there on Wednesday. In a couple weeks the power company will run the line across the road and onto our place. Next late spring we'll run it from there to where the house will be. After that I'll spend the rest of the summer working on the interior. Here's what our view will look like in the future:

Did okay fishing even if I didn't get out as many times as I would have liked. Be plenty of time for that once the house is built. Speaking of fishing, I'll be headed out of San Diego on a 7 day ocean fishing trip starting next Saturday. I like catching trout, but I don't care to eat them. I do like eating fish out of the ocean though, so away I go, We'll see how that goes. Here's the boat I'll be on...95 ft long and only 14 fisherman. Plenty of room





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